Become an Authority in Your Niche

Become an Authority in Your Niche

The question of how to become an authority in your niche is one I am asked a lot. The actual term authority site is a bit of a vague term if you don’t know the history of Internet marketing. Many many years ago you could build a five page niche site and put Adsense on it and earn immediately. Today it is still possible to make money with an Adsense website, I do all the time it is one of my personal favorite business models.

An authority Adsense site is actually a site that means something to you. You have built it lovingly from scratch and update it regularly. It is not what used to be called a churn and burn site, which was a domain that was expendable. The same process applies in it’s structure. You still have to choose a profitable niche, write authority content and then drive traffic to your site.

become an authority in your niche

Why You Should Become An authority.

1. Trust

Once you have gained your readers trust they will believe in you and follow you.The whole purpose of your website is to make a home based income. However, giving value to your readers in terms of valuable content actually validates the banners, and the advertisements.

2. You are the Person to Follow

When you come up with answers quickly you can extend your reach by posting in forums for half an hour a day, it won’t be long before people think you are a mover and shaker.

3. Validation 

Making a video that shows visitors how to solve their problem by using a recommended product should be a “must” for all Internet marketers. Not only does it appeal to those who learn visually or in a tactile, kinesthetic manner. It also provides real “proof” that (a) you’ve tried and used the product yourself and (b) it works!

7. Be your own case study.

If you can prove what a measurable, positive difference a system, course, product or eBook has made in your own life, you will double your chances of getting a conversion. If you are just starting out, you have a perfect opportunity to plan the documentation of your journey, step by step. Use videos and tracking data screenshots, in addition to photographs. Note that people respond especially well to videos, since they perceive these as less easy to fake—particularly if you are showing something happening in real-time—mistakes and all! Remember that people identify with mistakes and failures, so providing you also show the way to overcome or avoid these, you can create tremendous credibility by keeping it real.

8. Have a strong call to action 

Being an authority figure will help traffic to your blog but it will not in itself lead to a higher conversion rate. Make sure that you tell the reader in clear terms what you want them to do. For instance – Go and watch the video below to find out exactly how to become an authority in your niche.

become an authority in your niche

Staying Motivated in Internet Marketing

Staying Motivated in Internet Marketing

Top 3 Tips For Sticking To A Routine And Defeat Distractions

Creating and planning a routine is quite easy. However, sticking to the routine is another story. The following three tips for Sticking To A Routine and Staying Motivated will help.

Be Specific

You need to be specific to stick to your routine. If your plans are vague, you’re not ever going to act on them. For instance, “wake up earlier” is not a good plan. This is because it does not specify the time to wake up. Waking up at 6.30 is a good plan as it specifies a time. So if you don’t get up at that time you know it’s a failure. In this way, you know the exact goal you are aiming for. For this to work, you need to plan the order on how to do your things. Since time is limited on your side, plan your things like appointments. You should never cancel an appointment. When you are cancelling an appointment, it is like cancelling yourself. Remember, you are very important and that is why you have a routine.

Monitor Your Progress

You need to monitor your progress. This will help you get an idea of how you are doing as far as your goals are concerned. This will make you stay motivated. Moreover, you will know when to try new approaches, if the ones you are using have failed. For most people, a journal or calendar are natural ways to monitor and keep track your goals. Some routines may be things you do not enjoy doing. You need ways to motivate yourself so as to accomplish it. Think why you are doing that activity. The reasons will be a great motivation boost. It can take a considerable amount of time to adopt a new habit. This depends mainly on the personality of the person. Other factors include how difficult or complicated new behaviors are. Fortunately, if you continue, the behavior will slowly turn into a habit.

Involve Others

You can involve your friends and family to help you stick to your routine. In fact, they can incorporate a sense of excitement and novelty. Adding the flare and talents of others and their individual quirks can mean a world of difference. This will help you stick to your routine. Always surround yourself with people who think positive and support your goals. Friends are important for inspiration, conversation, determination, and motivation. The above 3 tips for sticking to a routine will help you achieve your dreams. In addition, you should learn to measure your performance

5 Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated in Internet Marketing There are those of us who are busy chasing after their dreams; working on something that they love and believe in. For these people, staying motivated is just a matter of remembering how much they love what they are doing and how much they have invested in it. After all, it is their life’s work. But that is only a small percentage of humanity. For the rest of us, going to work and making it through each day takes a great deal of sacrifice. Not very many people are happy with what they do. But that does not mean that they have the luxury of simply not showing up. They still have to make a living. Still, have to show up and stay motivated enough to make it through the day. This can be very taxing, discouraging and quite frankly infuriating. So how do you stay motivated even when you do not like what you are doing? 5 Tips for staying motivated 1. Look at the positive side of what you do No matter how awful you think your job is, it still has its advantages. It feeds you and your family; it gives you a purpose for each day and maybe you like a few of your colleagues, and they give your social life some meaning. Focus on the positives and realize that it is not all bad. 2. Realize that it is a gateway to something bigger If you believe in cosmic design then you know that everything we do has a purpose in our lives, even though we might not initially realize or see it. Your current situation (job) is a step that you must take to get to the next level. You need to realize that how well you perform here will determine how well prepared you are for the next step and how soon you get there. Give it your whole and realize that it is just a gateway to something bigger. 3. Create new challenges for yourself Complicity is one of the worst kinds of discouragement. Doing the same thing over and over and not trying to learn anything new is not only mundane, but it can slowly kill your enthusiasm for life. Create new challenges by looking at each day in a different way and trying to find ways to make it better than yesterday. This kind of challenge will kick start your brain. 4. Acknowledge accomplishments No matter how small they are, always reward yourself for any accomplishments. Whether you have finished a task early or have met your targets, always reward yourself. This will motivate you to keep achieving more, faster. 5. Set attainable goals The more you attain your goals, the more you will be motivated to work harder to achieve the next goal. Set goals that are attainable and keep going until you are done. These are the 5 Tips for Sticking To A Routine and Staying Motivated. They are both simple and easy to follow and best of all, they work. If you are doing something you hate to do, set a timetable to get out of it. Write a list of what you need to do to bring about change. In other words what is standing between you and changing. If it is a new job you want do you need more education to get where you want to be. Do you need more work experience? Is the current job fulfilling anything in your life? If not look for another one. Don#’;t just walk out, it is always easier to get a new job when you already have one.

Team Sarah Staar

As many of you know I have been around the block a few times regarding Internet marketing. It’s only in recent years that I have started to make megabucks. Don’t get me wrong I always made a good living since the day I started which was about 1996 and 1997.

One of the first programs I ever bought was wealthy affiliate’s; that was nearly ten years ago, and I’m still a member today. I also profit from Sarah Staar’s immense knowledge!

As many of you know, I am Sarah Staar’s business manager. That’s team Sarah below, in London at a recent lunch. You would think that I would have started to make big money at the time I met Sarah. Sadly that was not the case; I watched Sarah blossom from a wide-eyed newbie to a switched on totally clued up businessperson up.
sarah Staar

All I can say in my defense is that I must have been an idiot! Sarah told me almost everything she knew about driving traffic, she gave her knowledge freely and indiscriminately. I didn’t put into action at the time.

Things Change

About two years ago, I decided I wanted to earn a lot more money. I set my sights then on $8000 a month. To do that I realized I had to copy exactly what Sarah Staar did. There are some advantages to knowing her personally I knew exactly what she did. First of all I joined the licensed partner team. In my first month, I earned $6125.00. I was happy with this because I didn’t get started until about the third of the month.

The Difference Between Sarah Staar and Wealthy Affiliate.

The Sarah Staar Way

The emphasis of the Sarah Staar way, is getting to the heart of simplicity. Sarah has got no patience with complicated! She keeps things focused and to the point. She believes in paying for her traffic.

That’s not because organic traffic doesn’t work it does but it’s so slow to get results. You do get results but it’s a long-term strategy.

So how much money are we talking about for a campaign?

To be honest not as much as you may think. I start my campaign at $15 a day. I expect to get sales from my thank you page, this happens in one in 12 times. That means one in every 12 people to opt into my list becomes a purchaser immediately.

As you can imagine there are two types of people on a list. There are the freebie seekers, and then there are the buyers. Of?’ course, the buyers are much more profitable.

So I had immediately achieved two things. I have added people to my mailing list. I have also got people who are buyers who are worth much more to my list and to Sarah’s.

Do I need to Build A List to Promote Sarah Staar’s Products?

I choose to build a mailing list but to make Sarah’s licensed partner team plan work you only need to drive traffic to her free offers. Although there is training offered about building your own list very few people do so.

Once I have got them to be on Sarah’s list I forget about them altogether as regards her products.

Today I make over $10,000 a month just by driving traffic to her free offers. I am leveraging both her name and her authority.Why do I need to have a dog and bark myself? Once they are in her sales funnel I leave the selling to her. So it’s a great way to make an income. A passive income which takes a very small amount of time.

If you don’t know what is sales funnel is it is a linear representation of what happens once they have opted into Sarah’s list. As she is selling to them I don’t have to. So this is a perfect way of breaking into Internet marketing if you hate selling or hate the idea of learning how to sell.

You simply don’t have to you let her do it for you. Click here to get started with a series of five free videos explaining internet marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate Way

Wealthy affiliates is a membership site. It offers free account creation to anyone. You are entitled to be a free member for as long as you like but you only have limited access to the first 10 videos of training.

Many people use it just as a freebie user they never go premium and never pay.

What do you at wealthy affiliate’s?

It’s all about building a blog. You blog about what ever you are passionate about and recommend programs for an affiliate profit.

The downside of this system is that although it works and it undoubtedly does work, people rarely get results before their first four months. Some people take seven or eight months to make a profit.

I will say that everybody takes action does get there in the end.

Sarah Staar versus Wealthy Affiliate’s

Contrast this to Sarah’s approach which is drive traffic to Sarah’s list using a solo ad (full training given) and get results immediately with the sale in your first week.

To be successful, wealthy affiliate’s you need to learn how to build a blog. To be fair everything I learned about WordPress I learned at Wealthy Affiliates. If that is the route you want to go down, it is the finest training on the Internet without a doubt.

The traffic is based on organic traffic which is advertised as free traffic. It is very true you do not pay for organic traffic in terms of money. However, it is a fallacy to say that any traffic method is free. You either pay dearly in time or money!

Don’t get me wrong I use plenty of free traffic techniques. My favorite traffic technique of all times is free. I love forum marketing, but it does take a chunk out of my week. However, the conversion rates are excellent.

These days I prefer faster results. I also prefer higher returns. Sarah’s highest price offer the $10,000 product. I can earn 50% with this and usually sell one a month.

On the other hand, wealthy affiliate’s highest offer is an annual premium membership which works out at around $300.

There is no contest as to which I would rather earn.

I am still a member at Wealthy Affiliate’s and always will be because the community is fantastic. During the years I have watched some of the greatest Alumnae in Internet marketing of all time walk through its doors. I have made some great friends some of whom will be lifelong friends.

If you want to build your own blog and make your living from niche sites can’t get finer training.

When your gaol is to earn big bucks by driving traffic to free offer’s then the Sarah up Staar’s Licensed Partner team is the way to go.

Smart List Building

Smart List Building

A couple of years ago I decided to build my first list in the Internet marketing niche. I have learned a lot about list building in other niches. Still, the Internet marketing niche eluded me. Smart list building, lessons learned, has been an odd learning curve

I think the first lesson I learned was how much more seriously I took my business once I did have a list. In other niches, I created the list when I created the websites.

What that meant was essentially in the Internet marketing niche I drove traffic to Sarah Staar’s free offers, and that was the total of my Internet marketing efforts. I have become lazy in recent years just doing this.Click here

Certainly, I learned that building a list was more about doing that it was about learning. I had already learned a long time ago how to drive traffic. I had learned how to tell a story.

What else was there to know. One way or another I have been around Internet marketing for 20 years next year.

Spending More On Coaching Than on Aesthetics and Software.

I have always invested heavily in my business. My hosting is the best money can buy. I use premium WordPress sites and plug-ins. I Have willingly spent money on whatever my business needs.

You know the old expression, about peanuts and monkeys. I’ve always paid for software which works.

I have also always had mentors and coaches. However, because I have been in business for 40 years, I got complacent.

Suddenly in the last year, I have decided it is better to pay someone who has been there and done it to teach me. In the past, I have spent a lot of time nad effort figuring things out for myself.

Some of my coachings have cost over £5000. I have a feeling in the next year that that number will go up exponentially as my income increases.

What Did I Learn From These Coachings?

The most expensive software which was brand leaders three years ago were now not the best way of doing things.I had always used Leadpages, the industry standard for squeeze pages. I learned there were viable plug-ins for less than $50 would do exactly the same thing. Granted canceling my Leadpages account didn’t go anywhere near to paying for the coachings.

I learned modern ways to bring my own information products to market. At present, I am working on a PLR site which will specialize in health and nutrition. While I expect it will earn me a very good profit, it’s primary function is to build my list to over 10,000 in a year.

Don’t Worry About Pricing.

Most people undersell themselves! I have learned not to worry when people complain about my prices. They are my prices; I charge them, and I can justify them.

My main reason for justifying them is that I give value for that price. It’s not your fault nor should you feel guilty if someone doesn’t want to pay your price because they don’t want to invest in their business.

That is very definitely there problem and not yours.

List building, Lessons Learned

Money Blocks

I didn’t use to pay much attention when people talked about money blocks. Because I was always very fortunate. I studied the law of attraction very hard and applied the lessons every day in my life.

I became an expert at manifesting the people I particularly needed in life. This was very apparent at the beginning of this year when my husband faced and is still facing a massive health challenge.

I thought this was enough. Also, I’ve never had any problem attracting money to me. I have been self-employed for over 40 years.

What I saw in my coachings, were people with really serious life changing money blocks.

If you are one of these people who has a block about money, then you will never attract money until you deal with the block.

I spent much of the last year coaching a lady wanted more money. Although she had one to one training on the nuts and bolts and technicalities of making money, for her, it will never happen.

She is incapable of giving and until she learns this she will never be able to receive.She knows what she has to do. At the moment she cannot go forward but until she does the block will get worse.

I know what’s important

I don’t mess about wasting time about things that don’t matter. I couldn’t tell you my site loading time, if my life depended on it. I haven’t the faintest clue what my bounce rate is!

Yes it may well be too high. I don’t care about social metrics. I have paid for software so that I can post to all my social media sites from one place with one click.

As anyone who knows me is perfectly well aware, I hate Facebook. Don’t get me wrong I do a lot of Facebook advertising because it pays. Not that I do it myself, I haven’t the patience for that. I do outsource it.

I do it because it creates a profit. I’m not interested in all of the rest of the metrics.

For me, they’re just white noise. I want to earn $150,000 a year for the next five years. Nothing else matters to me.

Of course, I have to give value in what I do. Without giving value, I will not be able to make a profit.

When I’m not concerned about is how popular I am. I am not in a popularity contest.

Nor do I care what people think of me. I have a reputation for saying what I think and making no bones about it.

However, if you need help building your business, I will spare you the time tirelessly. I’ll grant you I may pull your business apart. Nonetheless, the reason for that is to make your business the best and most profitable business it can be.

If I can help you with any aspect of your business, feel free to drop me a comment below.

Common Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

Common Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, yet there are a lot of common mistakes newbie affiliate marketers make. There are lots of reasons for this and they include

Minimal initial investment
Minimal knowledge
Relatively easy to set up
Newbie friendly

Common Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

Let Yourself Learn

Affiliate marketing is like any new skill. It has a learning curve. There is no way around it, it is something you have to go through. It’s a little like getting a new job in the corporate world. On the first day of a new job, everything is confusing.You don’t know where anything is within the company. What system do the company have in place as a newbie you are clueless. You don’t know what to ask people. Who to trust? Which person is it safe to ask? You have no idea!

The upshot of this is, at the end of your first day you go home with a screaming headache. As you start your third week, into the job, things are clearer.You basically know what’s going on. Affiliate marketing or Internet marketing is just like this. When you start everything is just so confusing, you don’t know what day of the week it is! As you work through the learning curve of Internet marketing things do become clearer.


You have to come out of your comfort zone

You have to come out of your comfort zone to be successful. If you persist in staying within your comfort zone then you are never going to push yourself through to success. Affiliate marketing is neither difficult nor beyond the realms of most people.

Most of the truly successful Internet marketers don’t have skills that you don’t possess. There is no magic formula! I have spent 20 years observing Internet marketers some of them six and seven figure a year earners.

The only thing that separates you from these people is action. All these people who are successful in Internet marketing have taken massive action. You may find that frightening, but it’s not! It actually doesn’t matter whether the action you take is correct or disastrous.

Keep on moving forward

Once you’ve taken action, you can correct it or make adjustments. Even if he is wrong no one has died. However, if you do nothing and what you will get nothing. One of my great friends and mentors Sarah Staar badgered every successful internet marketer she met in her early years.

That is the sensible way to go about things.It is possible for you to teach yourself beings and outs of Internet marketing. The information is all at their online and free. the downside of this is that most people will take about five years to separate the crap from the good information. When you first start you have no way of evaluating whether something is correct or not.

The better way is to follow someone who is already successful.The downside with this is that a lot of the courses you buy including the very heavily priced $5000 plus courses to leave out pieces of information.They don’t tell you the full story. This is quite a deliberate strategy. They want you to keep buying courses.

Get some Digital Attitude (DA)

Cut out the white noise. The buzzing in your ear of all the free information on the Internet. It just needs to information overload. Information overload leaves you feeling like a rabbit stuck in headlights. Sadly you can’t ask Anyone the question. Because you are so confused you don’t know where you’re confused.

Follow clear and doable systems. I have already recommended Sarah Staar’s training. However, if you want to join a fantastic interactive community then try a starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do I need premium membership?

I must point out that wealthy affiliate does have a paid premium membership which is $49 a month. You can join the free starter membership and be part of the community. There is no pressure at all to become a premium member. You can learn at your own pace and interact with the fantastic community without being a premium memer

It is the community within wealthy affiliate’s which makes it one of the best places to hang out for affiliate marketers. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for over 10 years and watched it grow to become one of the best training grounds for Internet marketers.

If you become a free starter member here are a few tips to get started.

Choose your niche wisely

Not all niche is are equal. A niche is simply a group of people who want to buy something. In essence, you are looking for a starving market. You need to put the right offer in front of the right people at the right time.

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing is no more complicated than that. Sarah Staar is a master in her training about becoming focused. One of the examples she chooses is this. If you’re selling hamburgers outside an exclusive golf club which charges hundred thousand dollars a year for membership, the chances are you won’t sell that many.

However, if you are recommending to this group of people how to improve their golf swing then the chances are you will make a large number of Sales.This isn’t rocket science you’re talking to golfers about how to improve their golf.

Equally, if you are in a football stadium 50,000 people and you are selling hamburgers then the sales will be phenomenal. These people are interested in a football but many of them will be hungry having travelled a long distance to get to the game. They don’t wish to leave the game and get something to eat. The solution for them is a no fuss solution. They can eat a hamburger easily without distracting from the all-important game of football foot.

It’s all about putting the right offer in front of the right crowd. I’m sure you can see the differences here.

Don’t worry about competition

A lot of newbies think that the market is already saturated. Let’s go back to the game of football. There are 50,000 people in that stadium. Probably not all of them are hungry. There are 10 hamburger sellers in that stadium. They are all frying onions.

First of all how many people can resist the smell of frying onions. At least half the people who are not hungry will buy one anyway. There are 50,000 people in that stadium and 10 sellers. So each seller has the opportunity to sell 5000 hamburgers.Why would you be worrying about competition?