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The question of how to become an authority in your niche is one I am asked a lot. The actual term authority site is a bit of a vague term if you don’t know the history of Internet marketing. Many many years ago you could build a five page niche site and put Adsense on it and earn immediately. Today it is still possible to make money with an Adsense website, I do all the time it is one of my personal favorite business models.

An authority Adsense site is actually a site that means something to you. You have built it lovingly from scratch and update it regularly. It is not what used to be called a churn and burn site, which was a domain that was expendable. The same process applies in it’s structure. You still have to choose a profitable niche, write authority content and then drive traffic to your site.

become an authority in your niche

Why You Should Become An authority.

1. Trust

Once you have gained your readers trust they will believe in you and follow you.The whole purpose of your website is to make a home based income. However, giving value to your readers in terms of valuable content actually validates the banners, and the advertisements.

2. You are the Person to Follow

When you come up with answers quickly you can extend your reach by posting in forums for half an hour a day, it won’t be long before people think you are a mover and shaker.

3. Validation 

Making a video that shows visitors how to solve their problem by using a recommended product should be a “must” for all Internet marketers. Not only does it appeal to those who learn visually or in a tactile, kinesthetic manner. It also provides real “proof” that (a) you’ve tried and used the product yourself and (b) it works!

7. Be your own case study.

If you can prove what a measurable, positive difference a system, course, product or eBook has made in your own life, you will double your chances of getting a conversion. If you are just starting out, you have a perfect opportunity to plan the documentation of your journey, step by step. Use videos and tracking data screenshots, in addition to photographs. Note that people respond especially well to videos, since they perceive these as less easy to fake—particularly if you are showing something happening in real-time—mistakes and all! Remember that people identify with mistakes and failures, so providing you also show the way to overcome or avoid these, you can create tremendous credibility by keeping it real.

8. Have a strong call to action 

Being an authority figure will help traffic to your blog but it will not in itself lead to a higher conversion rate. Make sure that you tell the reader in clear terms what you want them to do. For instance – Go and watch the video below to find out exactly how to become an authority in your niche.

become an authority in your niche