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Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, yet there are a lot of common mistakes newbie affiliate marketers make. There are lots of reasons for this and they include

Minimal initial investment
Minimal knowledge
Relatively easy to set up
Newbie friendly

Common Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

Let Yourself Learn

Affiliate marketing is like any new skill. It has a learning curve. There is no way around it, it is something you have to go through. It’s a little like getting a new job in the corporate world. On the first day of a new job, everything is confusing.You don’t know where anything is within the company. What system do the company have in place as a newbie you are clueless. You don’t know what to ask people. Who to trust? Which person is it safe to ask? You have no idea!

The upshot of this is, at the end of your first day you go home with a screaming headache. As you start your third week, into the job, things are clearer.You basically know what’s going on. Affiliate marketing or Internet marketing is just like this. When you start everything is just so confusing, you don’t know what day of the week it is! As you work through the learning curve of Internet marketing things do become clearer.


You have to come out of your comfort zone

You have to come out of your comfort zone to be successful. If you persist in staying within your comfort zone then you are never going to push yourself through to success. Affiliate marketing is neither difficult nor beyond the realms of most people.

Most of the truly successful Internet marketers don’t have skills that you don’t possess. There is no magic formula! I have spent 20 years observing Internet marketers some of them six and seven figure a year earners.

The only thing that separates you from these people is action. All these people who are successful in Internet marketing have taken massive action. You may find that frightening, but it’s not! It actually doesn’t matter whether the action you take is correct or disastrous.

Keep on moving forward

Once you’ve taken action, you can correct it or make adjustments. Even if he is wrong no one has died. However, if you do nothing and what you will get nothing. One of my great friends and mentors Sarah Staar badgered every successful internet marketer she met in her early years.

That is the sensible way to go about things.It is possible for you to teach yourself beings and outs of Internet marketing. The information is all at their online and free. the downside of this is that most people will take about five years to separate the crap from the good information. When you first start you have no way of evaluating whether something is correct or not.

The better way is to follow someone who is already successful.The downside with this is that a lot of the courses you buy including the very heavily priced $5000 plus courses to leave out pieces of information.They don’t tell you the full story. This is quite a deliberate strategy. They want you to keep buying courses.

Get some Digital Attitude (DA)

Cut out the white noise. The buzzing in your ear of all the free information on the Internet. It just needs to information overload. Information overload leaves you feeling like a rabbit stuck in headlights. Sadly you can’t ask Anyone the question. Because you are so confused you don’t know where you’re confused.

Follow clear and doable systems. I have already recommended Sarah Staar’s training. However, if you want to join a fantastic interactive community then try a starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do I need premium membership?

I must point out that wealthy affiliate does have a paid premium membership which is $49 a month. You can join the free starter membership and be part of the community. There is no pressure at all to become a premium member. You can learn at your own pace and interact with the fantastic community without being a premium memer

It is the community within wealthy affiliate’s which makes it one of the best places to hang out for affiliate marketers. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for over 10 years and watched it grow to become one of the best training grounds for Internet marketers.

If you become a free starter member here are a few tips to get started.

Choose your niche wisely

Not all niche is are equal. A niche is simply a group of people who want to buy something. In essence, you are looking for a starving market. You need to put the right offer in front of the right people at the right time.

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing is no more complicated than that. Sarah Staar is a master in her training about becoming focused. One of the examples she chooses is this. If you’re selling hamburgers outside an exclusive golf club which charges hundred thousand dollars a year for membership, the chances are you won’t sell that many.

However, if you are recommending to this group of people how to improve their golf swing then the chances are you will make a large number of Sales.This isn’t rocket science you’re talking to golfers about how to improve their golf.

Equally, if you are in a football stadium 50,000 people and you are selling hamburgers then the sales will be phenomenal. These people are interested in a football but many of them will be hungry having travelled a long distance to get to the game. They don’t wish to leave the game and get something to eat. The solution for them is a no fuss solution. They can eat a hamburger easily without distracting from the all-important game of football foot.

It’s all about putting the right offer in front of the right crowd. I’m sure you can see the differences here.

Don’t worry about competition

A lot of newbies think that the market is already saturated. Let’s go back to the game of football. There are 50,000 people in that stadium. Probably not all of them are hungry. There are 10 hamburger sellers in that stadium. They are all frying onions.

First of all how many people can resist the smell of frying onions. At least half the people who are not hungry will buy one anyway. There are 50,000 people in that stadium and 10 sellers. So each seller has the opportunity to sell 5000 hamburgers.Why would you be worrying about competition?