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I’m Not An Expert Internet Marketer-Help

One piece of advice I constantly hear being bandied around regarding niche selection is you should choose something you are passionate about. For me, that is totally wrong not all niches are equal. You can be passionate about crocheting but it may not make you a lot of money. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or not.I’m Not An Expert Internet Marketer-Help is on the way

A niche is a group of people who want to buy stuff.

Internet marketing is a numbers game. The more people you can reach and connect with the more people who are likely to buy from you. So the bigger the pool you are fishing from the more fish you are going to catch.

So where does passion come in? For me, it doesn’t! The theory is that if you are are interested or passionate about your niche than you can write a lot about it. In my experience, this is simply not so. Most newbie marketers when they start find writing a challenge. It is a skill that gets easier with practice (what doesn’t).

I’m Not An Expert Internet Marketer

Start Thinking Outside the Box

You cannot appear to be an expert if you’re not. You won’t fool anyone. However, there are ways around this. You can create a diary, a website diary about your experiences during learning and researching your subject.

You can practice writing on the job. Give yourself a chance to hone’ your skills as you go along. You literally learn on the job. This means that anyone including you can create a profitable website about anything.

Define an expert

An expert in Internet marketing fields is a person who knows a little bit more than the average Joe. So how long does it take to become an expert? If you spend 10 days researching your topic for just one hour a day you will know more than most people.

Let’s just imagine your niche is dogs

Carving out a Business in the Dog Niche

Let’s say you don’t even have a dog. You don’t know anyone who has a dog. However, during the course of the week, you go jogging in the park three times. During that time you see people throwing balls at dogs.

So you know dogs like to play with balls. That’s the start of a review article. Toys for dogs!

You have to remember that when you start people are just looking for everyday tips about dogs! They’re not looking for an Encyclopaedia Britannica type book about dog breeding. Fortunately, most people aren’t interested in the evolution of dogs from wolves.They are just interested in how to keep their dog happy basically.

Tackle Simple Questions

So start by tackling the simplest things. The sort of stuff newbies would look for. Like
How much room do you need to keep a dog?

What do dogs eat?
Can I keep a dog in A flat?
Are dogs carnivores?

These are not complicated questions. It should take you round about a morning to research the information and about two hours to rewrite it into an 800-word article. As you research this, your knowledge is growing and you will come across other topics to write about.

During the course of your research

Suddenly your Outlook expands. More ideas coming to your vision

Can you travel on an aeroplane with dogs?
Do dogs need vaccinations?
Can I breed my dog?

A successful website will answer all the problems that crop up in that niche. It does seem daunting at first to find out what all the problems are. It’s really not. Forums are a great place to get to know people who hang out in that niche. They are also a really good training ground for problems. People ask questions in forums. These are the questions that are the basics the structured base for your niche.

Don’t start wondering why anybody would want to read your website. You may well be wondering how you can ever get as much information as Wikipedia. The answer is you don’t have to. You are talking to people as you would talk to your best friend. On the other hand, you are trusted.

Create Relaxed Convos

As you write I want you to imagine that you’re leaning on the doorpost in the kitchen with a beer in your hand. You are talking to your best friend about dogs. I want you to write using that same friendly relaxed tone.

That way you come across as a guy that can be trusted.

This is What you are striving for as an internet marketer!

Most of your readers aren’t looking for a professional slick site like Wikipedia. People want down-to-earth honest and simple information. They want to get to know you as a person. It could be that the answers that they seek have been written in a very complicated tone of voice. Your reader wants to read Joe blogs version.

Change the way you look at your knowledge

Yes, it is true, the guy in the pet shop probably knows more than you about dogs. But, the guy in the pet shop can only talk to about 200 people a day. With a blog, you can talk to thousands. You are appealing to the thousands of people who know less than you do about dogs. You come across as a friendly approachable guy. Suddenly once you have a website you can reach everyone.

Raid Your Competitors sites.

Whoa there, Tiger, I’m not suggesting that you plagiarise somebody else’s articles. What I am suggesting is that you read authority websites and jot down ideas about the problems in your niche.

You just need to grab the problem and write it down

If milk poisonous for puppies?
What to feed a puppy?
How to wash a dog?

Now I’m not an expert but one question leads on to another. How to wash your dog needs onto how to groom a dog? That’s a whole new sub-niche in itself with loads of things to sell.

Suddenly before too many articles have been written. The phrase I’m not an expert becomes I am an expert because suddenly the ideas begin to expand. One thing leads to another quite naturally when you start blogging.

Did you start out as a newbie then learn a lot about your niche?

Are you worried that you don’t know enough to have a good website?

Let me know in the comments!