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Is Mobe a Legit Business Opportunity?

Mobe stands for “My Online Business Education”. It is the brainchild of Matt Lloyd.So the first question you should be asking is, is Mobe a Legit Business Opportunity? I have to admit but I know a lot of people who are super successful promoting Mobe.

Still with the question Is Mobe a Legit Business Opportunity?

Is Mobe a Legit Business Opportunity?

Not at all
Certainly, when I wandered over to have a look at Mobe it is certainly a slick operation.
However, a little bit of searching later revealed the fact that the business has changed names several times.it started out as My Online Business Empire. It was also called My Top Tier Business.

It has been marketed with several different domain names. That in itself was sufficient to make me question the legitimacy of My Online Business Education.

I Mean why would anybodychange the name of a legitimate successful business? The fact that it’s changed its name more than once would suggest more than a fair share of shenanigans.

My Top Tier Business

If that doesn’t sound like a pyramid selling opportunity, what does?

What Is Pyramid Selling?

Somehow over the years, that is the last 50 years pyramid selling has become almost a legitimate business.ecause people have forgotten the scandals of the sixties that left thousands of people losing the shirts on their backs.

For those of us who were around in the 60’s, we remember the frauds that were pyramid selling. It is a business model based on fraud.

It is started by one person in this case Matt Lloyd. As far as I can tell that is the only honest presentation of the company. There is nothing to suggest that anyone else created it.

Anyway back to pyramid selling

Pyramid selling is so called, because the model looks like a pyramid. The person at the top at the apex of the pyramid is Matt Lloyd and he earns the most money.

One person creates a business model.He asks a second person to invest in this business without being clear what the business model actually is.

The second person’s investment goes directly to the first person. Nice work if you can get it!

The second person to get their investment back they must recruit more people. Let’s say they recruit 10 people. The majority of that money will go to the initial investor the guy at the top of the pyramid.

Yes you guessed it – Matt Lloyd.

Those 10 people go on to recruit 10 more people and the majority of the money goes to Matt Lloyd.

However a small amount of that money goes to the second investor.

This tier of investors then go on as third tier investors to sell this scheme. It’s not necessarily a product. However it looks good on paper.

When the third tier of investors get a fourth tier to buy into the scheme. The majority goes to Matt Lloyd, a small amount goes the second investors and a small amount goes the third tier investors.

It is designed basically to swindle people out of their hard earned savings.It is illegal and a fraud because it is not sustainable. Each investor has to pay the person directly above them in the hierarchy. They in turn have to pay the tier above them, until of course it gets to the top to the one initial invester.


As the tiers grow

each person has to recruit 10 people to get their money back.
Not everybody, can ever get their money back even if everyone in the whole world invests.The people at the bottom, the base of the pyramid are always going to lose their money because as no one else to con to invest.The pyramid implodes leaving the people at the bottom penniless and the person at the top super rich.

Does this sound harsh?

Yes it does, but it is nonetheless how pyramid selling works.

So where does the legitimacy come in?

It’s now called multilevel marketing!I’m not quite sure how changing its name gives it legitimacy. Multilevel marketing means that the person at the bottom pays their investment to the person above them. They pay an amount to the person above them until it reaches the top.

I have discussed Mobe with several of their top earners. And it is true as in all pyramid schemes that the people at the top are earning obscenely huge amounts of commissions.

It is also true that they don’t have to do anything for their money. All they have to do is encourage the downline to spend money on advertising to bring new people in.

The Target Market

Over the years I have spoken to many people who’d been sucked into My Online Business Education. It seems to be particularly popular with young Asians who come from a business/professional background.

These are the people who are perhaps third or fourth generation immigrants. Their parents and grandparents went to university and got a degree in the professions.

They may be pharmacists with their own retail business as a chemist.

The kids are looking at this role model and saying “No this is too much hard work this studying!”

The kids are looking for an alternative business model. Unfortunately, this model appeals to their parents and grandparents who are probably footing the ultimate 30K fee. It looks hard core so therefore legitimate.

Asian families have a culturally different background, In itself it shares much with the multi level. Each generation pays a whack to get someone in the family a business. This is generally nor a loan. It is paid back in thirty or forty years when that person pys to purchase a business for a child, a niece or a nephew.

Mobe The Review

Owner Matt Lloyd
Name of the Product: My Online Business Education
Overall Ranking:1/10 – It’s a no-no!
Price:$27.00 One off Price
Mobe Bonuses: You will be asked to upsell very quickly. What is offered as a free product is not free it is $27. Within five days you’ll be asked to part with more
Support: Of course there is support. The support benefits the people at the top not the people at the bottom.


None. Its a business based on pyramid selling and as such it’s not scaleable as affiliate marketing is.


Most of the information and products aren’t worth paying for in terms of information.
No real business model just selling on to create someone at hte top rich.
No actual customer or tech support as shown in Matt Lloyd’s promotional video.
There are too many Up-sells
No Money Back Guarantee
it lies, by telling you, you can earn by spending just $49.00. The reality is you get asked to pay $1,997 after just 5 lessons!
Competition is high as there is only room for one person at the top. So the bottom tier of recruits are left scrambling with thousands of others doing the same thing.
You need to pay for real traffic training, as this aspect is not covered.

Inner Circle Membership – $97 Monthly
MOBE Elite Earners – $97 Monthly
My Email Marketing Empire – $194
OPT Formula – $194
Funded Proposal – $194
Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291
Internet Marketing Revolution Handbook – $9.95


Online Income Revolution – $997
Six Figure Coaching Secrets – $997
The 90 Day Challenge – $997
10,000 Leads in 100 Days – $1,997
Diamond Coaching Program – $4,997
Titanium Mastermind – $8,997

The only way to Get High Ticket Commisions is to pay more and more and more

And More

So the only way to get high ticket commissions is to sell other people into the Multi Level Marketing Scheme.

I personally have paid 30k for an education with Dan Kennedy. It was worth every penny. However, Mobe is asking you to spend thirty thousand dollars without a gaurantee of earnings or seeing any returns. Again my take is nice work if you can get it.


Lots of online scams work based on the same principles as MOBE.

They appeal to greed because they appear to be too good to be true. Trust me, if something online appears too good to be true it generally is.

They suck you in with a slick web page and a low entry point – $49.00 and then as soon as you are committed they swamp you with upsells.

If you are researching to invest in an online business and you comme from a professional background, where you are used to paying premium pries for premium retail businees then I can see why this looks appealing.

Before you commit please Google online scms and pyramid schemes. There are better and cheaper alternatives.


Wealthy Affiliates has been going for over ten years. It is a life changing education. Many of the top alumni in Internet Marketing have cut their teeth in this platform. In fact many such as Travis Sago and Pot Pie girl are still members. Google them, if you don’t know who they are!

Get Smart Get Savvy

In conclusion, you don’t have to pay megabucks for a fabulous online education. You do have an alternative if your younger generations want to work online. Affilaite marketing is sustainable and scaleable. As you can see from the graph above there is a difference in the training and support for the free and paid member.

However, your grandchildren, children, nieces or nephews can stay as free members for as long as they like to see if the business model of Affiliate marketing is going to work for them. it is a business I have been a member of for ten years. There are no upsells or surprises, just an honest to goodness business education.

In the light of what we have been discussing don’t you want to give them the best possible start. The start that you had.At first glance, the MOBE platform seems to suggest that you are paying for online business training. As a result of that indepth training you begin to earn a lot of money later. It also suggests that you have a choice between any of the products. Meanwhile, the system relentlessly turns pushing you to move higher in the product chain until you find yourself parting with your savings. Ths deceitfu way of doing business is a scam, avoid it at all costs.