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To misquote George Orwell, not all niches are created equally. Some are more profitable than others. Niche selection and profitability are vital.Either in the short term, the long term, the holiday period, or the season. Don’t waste time going down the road of an unprofitable niche.

You need

  • Passion
  • Profit
  • Practical knowledge
  • Pain
  • PLR

What Does Passion mean in the context of affiliate marketing?It means that you are interested in your topic and can find a sustainable amount of topics to write about to prevent boredom setting in.


What Does Passion mean in the context of affiliate marketing? It means that you are interested in your topic and can find a sustainable amount of topics to write about to prevent boredom setting in.

When there is no passion there is a problem, as I found out the the hard way. In the nineties I concluded that acne was a profitable niche and there was no real products available to sell at the time. I spent four months researching how acne could be cured by diet alone. I wrote the definitive acne cure diet, as a product. Then I came to write the web site content. After five articles I knew that it was not going to go anywhere.

I was bored and tired of the subject. I had to outsource 400+ articles and I had to get them proofread as well, I could not even be bothered to read them. Now there are people who say that you can’t outsource articles and retain control of your content.

I have never heard so mush tosh in all my life

Most people who make a permanent living online do outsource. There are several reasons for this, something just don’t float your boat interest wise, it is cheaper to outsource them than to waste your time doing them.

So yes unless you want to learn to outsource immediately then passion is a definite plus in niche selection I can tell you because I learned the hard way that it is better to do it yourself and learn exactly the system for your business before you outsource anything!


To be fair most niches that exist in the real world also exist online or digitally. Sometimes a target market or demographic are not always conducive to business (If you don’t know the difference between these two read here ) For instance crochet patterns for tea  pot covers may not be a great niche, but hey it would not be in the real world.

What you need is a hungry market

The late great Gary Halbert was renowned as one of the best salesman of his time if not ever. When teaching a class one day he asked his students what advantage they would want from him, if the two of them were in competition to make the most hamburger sales. The answers were varies

“superior meat”

“better price”
“cheaper price”


Eventually Mr Halbert could stand it no longer and he burst out that his advantage would bet them all, hands down every time.

His answer was a hungry market!

So how do you find out if it is a hungry market?

To have a hungry market it must be an evergreen niche that always has people wanting to solve problems. If Amazon has a book written about it,  or it is a magazine on your local new stand then there is already an established market.

Another niche generating method is to look through the categories of the following websites:


Head over to Amazon’s Book Department and scroll down the left side until you see all the different categories to choose from. If you see something that interests you write it down then click on it and on the next page there will be a list of even more related categories that you may be interested in.

While you’re browsing through the categories make sure to take a look at the books associated with what you’re currently looking at. Just reading the titles will give you a good

Understand the problems in the niche.

While you have a category selected type in “how to” in the search box at the top and hit enter. What you’ll find is a bunch of books solving popular problems in that niche. This is also usually where the money is in that niche.

Another good use of this trick is doing it without a category selected. While you’re in the books homepage of Amazon type in “how to” again and browse through the vast amount of books solving people’s problems. This will especially help you if you’re having troubles finding a niche you’re interested in.



You may wan to create the world’s best SEO site, but you don’t know anything about SEO. Well all I can say is you are too old to believe in fairies! i am not saying don’t dream big, if that is your aim, put it on the back burner.

Get two sites up and running and earning a $100 a day each and then outsource your dream.

However, for the moment let’s get back to the real world. You need to be able to have the interest to research what you need to know. It does not mean that you have to be an authority to start, just enough interest to be able to know where to get the information you need.

If you are not sure then go here to find outhow to become an authority The video is about half an hour, but it is the only research resource you will ever need.

So you need practicality, because if it is not achievable then you are setting yourself up for failure before you start, if you cannot isolate and engage your target audience you will never make a sale


The pain in terms of niche selection should not be yours it should be the pain of others. Search through your niches forums, blogs, amazon reviews for information related to your ideal customer.

You’re looking for the lingo they use, common problems, questions, any products/websites they’ve used for help. What are their current and long term problems?

Build a profile of your perfect customer.

This allows you to talk to your customer in a more conversational way , you understand their pain and frustrations, and therefore they will trust you more and spend money, If you can push their buttons or empathise with them on an emotional level then you’ve made selling to them infinitely easier.

Here you will simply jot down all the pain points, wants, needs, desires, fears,etc… that you found out about your ideal customer while doing your detective work in the previous step.

So as an example if you were in the affiliate marketing niche it could look

something like this:

Tired of working for someone else *

Wants to travel *

Want to stop commuting to work*

Wants to spoil their family *

Want fiscal freedom *

Is afraid of being stuck at a dead end job for the rest of their life *

Struggling with information overload *

Isn’t sure if this stuff really works *

Afraid of being scammed *


use this profile to reflect your understanding of someone’s problems because people almost never buy because they need something, they buy because they want something, or at least think that they do.

Tap into this pain and you have succeeded.

PLR products

Niche selection should include the availabilty of PLR. No I am not suggesting you use them per se but they are an indication of how profitable and viable the niche is.

PLR means Private Label Rights. If you purchase an original article it may cost you upwards of $20 to pay for one that earns you money. PLR is when someone like me writes fifty articles on say peanut allergy and then sells that to a hundred people for less than $10.

There are a lot of people out there who find writing or coomunication very difficult. PLR is a fantastic way to get together an ebook you can re brand as a video or other content. Used intelligently it is a fantastic resource or research tool .

If there are already people writing PLR in your niche then it is a popular niche. However if they are not then you can write your own PLR and create your own product.